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7 Social Benefits of Senior Living

social seniors gathered for a happy hour outside

Did you know that simply being part of a community that emphasizes senior socialization can give your health a boost? It’s true! Positive social relationships can help us build a social network that provides a sense of security and belonging, which becomes increasingly important as we age. Connecting socially with others can make a big difference in your health and quality of life, even if you’re not a social butterfly by nature.

Prioritizing Social Well-Being

The social benefits of senior living can change your life for the better. Research suggests that social interaction has many benefits for older adults, including having a significant impact on health, happiness and aging well. Additional benefits associated with senior socialization include: 

  • Participating in social activities helps seniors stay physically active, which may also help with mobility and motor function.
  • Maintaining satisfying social relationships may lead to a lower risk of dementia. 
  • Risk of loneliness and depression is lower for those who have meaningful social interactions every day. 
  • Being part of a positive community may help reinforce other healthy behaviors, such as going for walks or eating a healthy breakfast.

7 Ways Senior Living Helps You Stay Socially Active

A senior living community provides a built-in network of friends and neighbors with opportunities for meaningful social interaction, which may prevent the isolation and loneliness often associated with aging at home. Let’s look at some of the best ways to enjoy an active social life at Galleria Woods:

  • Wellness programs: From dancing to water exercise, fitness classes are a wonderful way to stay physically active and socially engaged. Learn more about the benefits of multidimensional approach to wellness for older adults.
  • Restaurant-style dining: Enjoy healthy and creative menu options in a social setting where it’s easy to connect with neighbors and friends. You’ll have an exceptional experience each time you visit one of our dining venues at Galleria Woods.
  • Engaging social activities: We emphasize social engagement through a variety of activities, classes and programs designed specifically for active older adults. Residents enjoy 45+ clubs and groups based on their interests, including a strong veterans committee. A full calendar of social activities provides opportunities to meet and share ideas with others who have similar interests.
  • Creative pursuits: Express yourself and dabble in the arts while meeting people who share your creative spirit. Try your hand at painting, ceramics, creative writing, woodworking, quilting, or other creative arts. Galleria Woods has a dedicated arts and crafts studio to provide a creative outlet and inspire you to think outside the box!
  • Lifelong learning classes: Learning is a social activity when you have the opportunity to join with others and learn in a group setting. A senior living community is the perfect place to expand your knowledge and experience new things in the company of like-minded individuals. Galleria Woods residents can take advantage of lifelong learning classes offered by nearby colleges, with opportunities to meet new people and bring educational experiences to life.
  • Community outings: What could be more fun than a planned outing to visit local museums and cultural attractions, or an afternoon hiking or kayaking through tranquil waterways? All the details are planned by the community, so you can sit back and enjoy the adventure with friends.
  • Volunteer experiences: Getting involved with a cause you care about has social benefits for you and others, whether you’re gathering donations for a food drive, crocheting prayer shawls, or volunteering your time in other ways. 

Spark Your Social Life at Galleria Woods

As a resident of Galleria Woods, you’ll enjoy a vibrant lifestyle surrounded by warm and welcoming neighbors and friends. Discover how a maintenance-free lifestyle gives you the freedom to find friendship, purpose, and inspiration in everyday interactions.

Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour and meet the residents who love to call Galleria Woods their home.