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Three Reasons to Join a Senior Living Community Waitlist

Young senior couple looking at something on a tablet together.

If you know you want to move into a retirement community but are waiting for the right timing or floor plan, joining the waitlist is a risk-free way to get your foot in the door. The process of joining a waitlist varies by community, but at Galleria Woods, you pay a small deposit that gives you access to a variety of perks and benefits right away. And should your circumstances ever change and you can no longer move in, you’ll have the full amount refunded.

With that in mind, read on for three reasons why you should consider joining a senior living waitlist sooner rather than later.


1. Begin Forming a Plan for the Future

Picture your senior living waitlist deposit as a risk-free investment in your future. Continuing Care Retirement Communities, also called Life Plan Communities, offer contracts that give residents access to one or multiple higher levels of care.

Joining the waitlist gets you one step closer to becoming a resident and, thus, one step closer to securing the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive plan for future care. If you wait too long to move in, you’ll lose this lucrative benefit that could save you thousands of dollars over time and allow you to truly age in place. Learn more about the benefits of moving to an Independent Living community at a younger age.

 2. Reserve Your Preferred Living Space

Once you’ve found the right floor plan for you, being on the waitlist greatly expedites your next steps.

Members on the waitlist at Galleria Woods are the first to know when new homes are available, and they have priority when touring residences and choosing where they want to live. Even if you’re not sure what exactly you want, getting your name on the list now gives you a better chance down the line when you decide on your preferred floor plan.

 3. Sample the Lifestyle

Making a move to a senior living community is a big decision, and the best way to know which community is right for you is to spend time there. Joining the waitlist allows you to get a good sense of the lifestyle to make a fully informed choice. You can visit regularly to take tours, try the activities and amenities, meet residents and chat with team members to fully understand the benefits of independent living.

At Galleria Woods, waitlisted seniors also have exclusive access to quarterly social events where they can mingle with their future neighbors and further acquaint themselves with the community before moving in.

How to Get Started

Even if you’re in no rush to move to an Independent Living community, joining a waitlist is a smart move. If you’re even slightly interested, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting your name on the waitlist sooner rather than later.

At Galleria Woods, we welcome all prospective residents to join our waitlist and enjoy the benefits of living in a senior living community. If you’re ready to learn more about joining our waitlist, start a chat in the bottom right corner to schedule a meeting.