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96-year-old Bama Buddies Ready for the Crimson Tide to Roll


HOOVER, Ala. — Ten days before the Crimson Tide’s season opener, The Bama Buddies are pumped. All decked out with their arms high, these 96-year-old friends have been yelling, “Roll, Tide” all week!


Frank Albert and Bill Eubank are a perfect example of great friends sharing a great life, and the similarities between the two are astounding. They have more in common than their love of the Crimson Tide. The Bama Buddies have quite a story.

Frank and Bill are both 96 years old. They both grew up in Birmingham and rooted for Bama. They met when they were in the fourth grade, and their friendship never waned. Back in their childhood, coach Frank Thomas walked the sidelines for the Crimson Tide. Frank and Bill loved Bama as they both graduated from Ensley High School in 1945.

Frank and Bill both entered the Navy after high school. It was near the end of World War II, and both wanted to serve their country. Frank was sent to Chicago, while Bill was sent to Memphis. The friends returned home — both were married, both started families.

Back to the University Of Alabama they went. Frank and Bill rooted for Bama through the Red Drew years. Coach Ears Whitworth, coach Bryant, coach Stallings and others. Frank and Bill loved everything Crimson. They agreed to meet for lunch once a week, and they did so for decades. It was Tide talk, all the time.

About eight years ago, Frank and Bill found themselves together again. They arrived at Galleria Woods Senior Living in Hoover, Alabama. For almost a decade, the Bama Buddies have watched every Crimson Tide sporting event on TV. Their Crimson Tide shirts and caps lead the way. Their lucky Crimson Tide chairs lift them up and tend to bring good luck to the Tide.

Frank and Bill put on their Bama gear and sent me some pictures. They want you to know that there is nothing like being with friends while rooting on the Crimson Tide. Sure, it’s 10 days before the season opener, but Frank and Bill want to be ready.

What a special time it is for the Bama Buddies. They will soon be 97, yet they share stories of Alabama athletics daily- and the best part of it all? They meet for lunch whenever they want.

Yes, the Bama Buddies are living their dream.

They’re rollin’ with the tide.

Buddies for life.

Best friends forever.


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