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Preparing Your Pets for Moving Into Senior Living

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Most people find the process of moving hectic, and they understand what’s happening and why. But dogs and cats, with no sense of why things are changing around them, can feel extremely anxious with all the upheaval. With a few smart precautions, you can help keep your pet relaxed and stress-free, which will probably help make the transition easier for you as well.Once you’re through the process of moving with pets, you’re both going to find joy in your new environment. An expansive campus offers scenic trails for you to explore together. Staff members at pet-friendly senior living communities are happy to see your furry friends, and other residents will provide new friends for all of you. So how do you make moving with a pet a good experience for both of you?

6 Tips for Moving with Pets

1. Meet the other animals in the neighborhood.

If it’s possible to meet with your neighbors before your move, try to meet both the people and their pets. Talk to the people to find out about their pets and ask if their pets have any quirks or peccadillos and share information about your own pet. If you can’t meet in person, ask if you can email or video conference with your neighbors to introduce yourself and your dog or cat. This way the animals can be better prepared to run into each other in the hallways or on sidewalks.

2. Send pets on vacation for moving day.

Save your pet the anxiety of seeing strange people in their house and moving the furniture. You can send your dog to doggy daycare or ask a friend to pet-sit. They avoid stress, and you can avoid having them underfoot while you direct the day’s proceedings. Then you can introduce your pet to the new space when everything is calmer to help ensure a positive first impression.

3. Don’t wash dog blankets.

Dogs have amazingly powerful noses, so skip your dog’s blankets when you’re loading the washing machine in preparation for your move. If their blankets and bedding smell familiar, they’ll feel more comfortable in their new space.

4. Create a designated safe space for your cat.

If your cat is fearless, he probably won’t have a problem exploring his new environment. But if he’s more skittish, pick one quiet room in the residence and set up his bed with a few of his favorite toys and drop some cat treats around the room to encourage him to explore.

5. Keep your pet’s routine as consistent as possible.

Keeping to a routine could be reassuring for you as well as your pet. Take your dog for a walk at the same time you always do. Feed your cat at the same time. Don’t let your pet feel any insecurity around their basic needs.

6. Update your pet’s paperwork.

You’ll have some practical concerns when moving with pets. Change the address (and phone number, if necessary) on their tags. Make sure you have a trusted veterinarian close by. If you need a vet recommendation, you can ask your neighbors at your pet-friendly senior living community.

Your four-legged family members are very welcome at Galleria Woods. Your dog will love the walking trails, and you’ll love the vibrant lifestyle and rich social life our community offers. If you’d like to know more about life on our campus or more details about our pet-friendly policy, reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you and hear all about your pet.